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No one should be allowed to develop anything without going through the process. Such a useful thing.
— Abe, co-Founder of inRentive

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  • Easy to get started - just open PowerPoint and start answering these key questions
  • Work by yourself or with your team
  • Complete the first 9 questions, then make your go/no-go decision
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  • NEW - Guide: 12 reasons why you should use the Opportunity Assessment (PDF)
  • NEW - Sample of our Go/No-Go Opportunity Assessment Multi-Tool (PPT)
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The complete Go/No-Go Opportunity Assessment Multi-Tool is available now.

In the full version, you will find instructions on how to complete the Assessment, guidance on each Assessment topic and a full set of resources to help you. Plus an entire example Assessment is included as well, for reference while you build your own.


Help is available too

Contact me for hands-on assistance. I will arrange a workshop for your team to  complete the Assessment for your own opportunity. Afterwards, I will work with you to produce a final deliverable for you to share with your stakeholders.