LEADING a software product Initiative
can be perilous, BUT also exhilarating!


I understand that journey - and I love it too.
That's why I am offering tools and guidance to help you stay on the path.



A Year in the Life of a PM

An exclusive article series created for theProductPath

Have you ever wondered what a Product Manager actually does? Here's your chance to find out.

Every week for an entire year, I contributed a new article that highlights a separate decision I made in my role as a PM. That's more than 50 separate product decisions!

This unprecedented body of work, presented to you here on theProductPath will provide insight into the challenges and triumphs of this remarkable profession.


Opportunity Assessments

Need a tool for your assessments? 

Are you tinkering with a new idea but not sure it is worth exploring? Are you considering a sizable new product investment? Are you pitching your business to would-be investors and need to increase your odds?

Introducing Go/No-Go, the Opportunity Assessment Multi-Tool. My flagship product is a great place to start your journey.

The Opportunity Assessment helps Product Managers, entrepreneurs, and executives determine whether they have an idea worth chasing.


I created theProductPath to build, sell and support offerings for product people. If you are a Product Manager or are engaged in any way with software products, I'd like to talk with you.  


Featured Product Management Articles

A Year in the Life of a PM

A new article every week - 50 Product Management decisions

theProductPath has been the most helpful support for our company. Everything from product development to creating our investor pitch was done effectively, professionally, and quickly.
— Christopher Flint, Founder, Infiniteach