Chicago PM Peers


Are you a practicing Product Manager?

How often have you struggled to tackle any of the dozens of activities we're expected to do well in this role?

How many other Product Managers can you turn to for help here in Chicago?


Introducing a closed forum for Product Managers

In December 2015, I piloted a brand new program for Chicago Product Managers that goes beyond collecting Linkedin connections. I am testing a peer-based forum that helps PMs explore immediate problems by tapping into the broad pool of expertise that is often right around the corner.

Over the past 12 months, I have been introduced to more than 30 Chicago PMs and have been consistently impressed with the breadth of talent we have here in our backyard. What intrigues me is that very few of us are directly connected which makes it much harder to get help as we collectively navigate what has been referred to as this "ambiguous discipline."

"I need help from my peers..."


Each of us is great at some things and will inevitably need help and guidance in other areas.

At each meeting, one or more attendees will formally request assistance from the group for a particular challenge they are facing at their current job. For example, they may ask for help:

" prepare for customer interviews"

" validate a new product idea"

" create my first persona"

" build my first roadmap"

" present to the Board"

" run an ideation session"

The requests must be concrete and actionable so that any Peer in the group who identifies with it can immediately sign up to help.

Our mission is to support individual career growth through substantive peer-based discussions

We are all Peers - “your problems are my problems”

We are connecting the Product community. You now have a place to turn where you can find folks who understand what you do and who have come together to help each other.  

This is not a formal mentoring program although it is possible that longer-term professional relationships will develop from positive interactions initiated in the group.

This is not a venue for recruiting or job hunting although members will certainly increase their awareness of the range of opportunities in their field. This program is not for those looking to start a career in this field.

Have Questions?

Be sure to visit the updated FAQ page and if you don't find your answer, email me directly.